Routine husbandry is obviously ongoing – but today was one of those busy husbandry days. As well as giving oral vitamin A, D & E paste to all of our gang, we trimmed feet, weighed and body condition scored everyone. [Sorrel and Bridget (and maybe Phoebe) may need to join Weight Watchers]!

We also tried out our Pregtone scanner (with mixed results) as well as giving the youngest two cria their first vaccination for clostridial prophylaxis.

No dosing was required for worms, fluke or coccidia. Two years ago we took the decision not to routinely dose our animals but to do full worm egg counts and fluke and coccidia analysis and then respond accordingly (alongside knowing our animals and regular health checks). So we collected lots of faecal samples and sent them to our vet for analysis – all clear! Our annual health plan suggests we do this in March & October – but given the mild damp weather we will look again before the end of the year.

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