2020 Cria

Only two babies this year – but a cracking pair!

First up, born on the 18th May, meet Ashtonelle Fancy That, or Fancy for short. A beautiful white female, weighing in at 10 kg, to our wonderful Charlotte. Fancy is Charlotte’s 5th cria with us, and her 4th girl. She’s also an amazing mum.

Ashtonelle Fancy That. Dam: Houghton Charlotte; Sire: Popham Kane

At the end of June, our second cria arrived. Another textbook birth, Kea produced a boy weighing in at 7.2 kg. Named Ashtonelle Fiddlesticks or Stix for short he is a bundle of joy and energy despite the first few days of his life being the worst summer weather in a long time. Really keen to see how Stix develops, he has a cracking fleece already.

Ashtonelle Fiddlesticks. Dam: Houghton Hakea; Sire: Beck Brow Hey Now