Pet boys

After months of research our alpaca obsession began in 2013 with the arrival of Freddie (white), Bob (brown multi) and Mondas (black).  Three very different boys they each have huge personalities.

Mondas is often described as a “big girl’s blouse” – he is a softy and gives exquisite kisses.  He is easy to handle and walks well on a halter.  Despite his nickname – he is fiercely protective of the whole herd – always alert and watching for anything new.

Freddie is a big boy with lots of bravado and bluster.  If you have treats in your hand – beware – he will do his utmost to get the lion’s share of treats – and has a tendency to spit at the others to keep them away.

Bob – a darling boy – not very pretty and not a great fleece, but kind, protective and distinctive.  Love him!

Our first homebred boy, a solid white young man, was born in June 2015 – Ashtonelle Atom, Atom for short.  A lovely boy and so very gentle we decided early on that he was unlikely to meet stud potential so he was castrated at 18 months old – becoming a special pet.  He is good value – inquisitive and friendly – and so good with cria that he performs an important role at weaning time to keep an eye on and provide some experience to newly weaned animals.

In 2016 – two of our three cria were boys.  One – Ashtonelle Bamboozled – Boozle for short – has stud potential and we hope to see his first cria in late summer of 2019.  The other, Ashtonelle Buddy Boy (Buddy) a pale fawn boy was castrated in late 2017.  Whilst he has a gorgeous fleece, he didn’t have sufficient stature or that zing to become a stud – so a loved pet he is.  The fibre and yarn from Buddy is beautiful though – and he is another friendly softy – so a loved and valuable herd member.

Buddy as a baby
Atom as a baby