2022 Cria

So, another year already! And the babies have been arriving quickly. This year all cria have names beginning with ‘H’. First to arrive, way too early, was little Halfpint. Mum, Etta, was very attentive and despite not having a lot of milk she has been a great mum. Halfpint, white, is still a tiny girl but boy is she feisty. She is full of character and runs rings around all the cria that have followed. Second up this year was a strong boy, named Hullabaloo (Baloo for short) – son of Dolly and Dandy, a light fawn and already showing off his fantastic fleece. Baloo was quickly followed by Pinky’s first cria – Honolulu Lulu (checkout the song). Lulu is a cheeky monkey with the most marvellous eyelashes and whiskers, a mid-fawn girl sired by Beck Brow Bees Knees of Amberly. Next up Agatha gave birth, quickly and early in the day, to a huge dark dark brown girl sired by our own Emoji. We scratched our heads for a while but named her Halona (of happy fortune). Hooligan came next, also sired by Emoji from mum Charlotte – so another dark dark brown cria – but a boy this time. Charlotte is light fawn so Hooligan’s colour is pretty much as we expected. After Hooligan Bridget produced a white daughter – named Hallucination (Luci for short) and then Ember gave birth at 355 days to a jet black boy called Higgs (Ashtonelle Higgs Boson). Higgs was sired by Amberly High Palladium. At time of writing we have another 3 mums expecting – so watch this space!